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Student Reviews

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Read what past students had to say about their experience with us.

Adam E.

Student Starting Score: 478
Student Final Score: 499

Score increased by: +21

My experience with angel was extremely beneficial to my studying for the MCAT. Before starting with angel I had tried Big test tutoring program and was unsatisfied with the attention I was receiving in the classes. Having MCAT Helpguide for tutoring I was able to focus on my true mistakes and with the help of angel I felt very productive and consistent as well.


After taking my practice test, my tutor angel and I began working on my mistakes in which I finally was able to improve.

Taking my MCAT recently I can say all the sessions with angel paid off, especially having angel teach me CARS in which I was very weak in at first scoring 118 and then scoring around 125. Angel was also able to figure out why I was missing so many questions and made so many mistakes I was dealing with and was easily able to correct them.


After finishing my time with angel I have never felt more confident and prepared then when I first began with him. When I was done with big program I felt really lost and did not really feel committed to what they were making me do. Especially having a person who has taken the mcat recently such as angel makes me feel comfortable taking tips and using them as for other programs they have people who have not taken the mcat in years teaching me how to take the exam. After all my tutoring I was able to go from a 478 to around a 499.

Emily M.

Student Starting Score: 499
Student Final Score: 512

Score increased by: +13

10/10 would recommend!!! Hard worker and knows what’s up 🙌

Kiley H.

Student Starting Score: 494
Student Final Score: 500

Score increased by: +6

Angel has been very helpful. He created a great schedule to keep me on track and one that fits with my work schedule. There are a ton of great great free resources that he’s collected for us to use too. 10/10 would recommend.

Celeste N.

Student Starting Score: 502
Student Final Score: 512

Score increased by: +10

Im so grateful for MCAT helpguide! Angel was very helpful in keeping me on track with my content review. He was very understanding and created a plan that fit my schedule. We were able to identify my problem areas and tackle them within a month. I also appreciate his help with making me have a positive mindset, especially as the test was approaching. It made a huge difference!

Serena S.

Student Starting Score: 491
Student Final Score: 506

Angel has helped me stay on track through my MCAT studying for the past few months. I have been through other test prep companies before where results have never been able to be shown through my work. He makes me a weekly schedule to stay on track and organizes the resources to make sure you hit every important topic. Not only does he care about your MCAT success but also you as a person and has supported me through this journey of highs and lows. There are only good things to be said about his work!!!

Student Starting Score: 478
Student Final Score: 500

MCAThelpguide has been a big helping hand in the process of me preparing to take the MCAT exam. Before meeting him I felt not only overwhelmed but a bit lost in trying to studying for the exam but once our tutoring sessions started everything fell into place. Not only does he help provide material & the solutions for all the material but he gives great advice on how to stay focus & motivate toward the goal. I really do not know where i would be without his help & i am truly fortunate in finding him.

Student Starting Score: 489
Student Final Score: 501

Working with Angel was very helpful and insightful. He helped me to identify my problem areas and target them within a short amount of time. His techniques did help me to improve my score overall +11 points. Overall I had a good experience working with him.

Score increased by: +14

Chantel S.

Score increased by: +22

Score increased by: +12

Mecca O.


Student Starting Score: 495
Student Final Score: 513

Score increased by: +18

I contacted MCAThelpguide because I needed help with my mcat. I had no idea what i needed to do but I knew staying at 495 for two months sucked ass. He created a plan of attack that helped me find weaknesses in my content and design personal strategies each section on the MCAT. He also cares about your mental health and makes it a priority which I really appreciated because i feel that is not Through and through I'm extremely grateful to MCAT Helpguide and would recommend to anyone looking to increase there score with a realistic approach.

Nadin H.

Student Starting Score: 489
Student Final Score: 501

Score increased by: +12

My experience with MCAT Helpguide has been super beneficial. My tutor Angel was very patient and is willing to work with you to really focus on your weak points in order to get the score you need. You really have to go into this with an open mind and be willing to work hard along with his help to really get the best results out of it. He checks in with you and really keeps you on track. He really motivated me to keep pushing especially bc I came to him with such a short amount of time left till my exam and I felt very discouraged. He’s great and honestly super nice and funny so it makes the classes way more interesting as well. Hes seriously the best tutor I could’ve asked for!


Student Starting Score: 497
Student Final Score: 512

Score increased by: +15

Angel has really helped me to organize and understand my MCAT studying! He’s extremely patient and finds ways to simplify difficult concepts. He tailors your sessions to ensure that they focus on the things you need help with and he always has a strategy to help you do better.

Vanessa L.

Student Starting Score: 485
Student Final Score: 495

Score increased by: +10

I’ve had such a great experience so far working with angel. Great teacher and great with working with my crazy schedule between school & internship. So happy to have found him! Definitely recommend using them !!

Valeria B.

Student Starting Score: 478
Student Final Score: 496

Score increased by: +18

I am very happy with the services of mcat helpguide. I am a person that gets EASILY distracted, but with the help of Angel I have been able to keep in track. When Angel notices a study style was not working for me, he helped me changed it. Angel really care about his students. Definitely you will not find someone that puts the effort and time in another program. PLUS the study guide is very affordable. 11/10 recommended!


Student Starting Score: 492
Student Final Score: 500

Score increased by: +8

I’ve had such a positive experience with angel. He’s worked with my crazy insane schedule and has been nothing but encouraging. he’s also been very good with the schedule and it works for me. We do what I need help with during sessions and the materials he provides are priceless!

Mialique M.

Student Starting Score: 485
Student Final Score: 503

Score increased by: +18

My experience with Angel has been rewarding to say the least. Coming from someone with little basic science background and taking the pre-med requisites, Angel really helped me understand the fundamental concepts that will not only help me on the MCAT but also in the classroom! He has so many resources that you are able to use to help gage your learning experience and gives you a detailed schedule to stay on track.

Samhi H.

Student Starting Score: 490
Student Final Score: 508

Score increased by: +18

My experience was extremely positive with MCAT Helpguide and a blessing in disguise the prices are affordable and his methods are extremely effective. 10/10 recommend

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