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Guidance When Practicing Questions

Importance of reading questions carefully:

  1. Be extremely Careful when reading the questions.

  2. Make sure to always REREAD the question stem when going through each answer choice.


Guide going through questions.

You want to go through the questions slowly and thoroughly reading the question stem.

  • Really take your time when reading the question. You can even pause after every couple of words to make sure you didn't miss anything.

  • You want to make sure at the end of the question stem you should easily understand the exact meaning of the question and be capable of restating it in simplified words.

  • There is nothing wrong with rereading the question stem once more to help simplify the question stem. Now yes time is important but so is understanding what you are answering.

  • It is extremely important to have an understanding of what you are reading because this could help you proceed faster when tackling the question.


Answers choice’s

  • When approaching it use the simplified version of the question you created in your head and read it with the answer choice.

  • You want to read the answer choice and the question together.

  • Remember direct quotes in verbal reasoning passages tend to always be wrong answers choices.

  • Continually doing this allows you not to forget what the question is asking and keeps you on task.

  • You want to repeat this process for each answer choice.

  • Never get sold on the first one that sounds the best. Go through each one.



  • You want to apply this with every question you get because no matter any kind of strategy for question analysis you have to practice practice practice.

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