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Guide to Anki Notecards

Anki Deck - Notecards

The significant of notecards

  • We want to use notecards because it allows us to have a system where we can have spaced repetition which has been scientifically proven to aid in the memorization of content.


Things you want to understand before making them:

Make sure you understand the material before making the note cards on it.

  • Do not make a card on a term you barely understand. It will only make the process more frustrating.

  • Make sure you have established a strong understanding of the material. Using notecards will help keep your understanding strong throughout time.


Don't over complicate the process of making notecards:

  • Limit yourself to only one concept, term, equation per card.

  • DON'T overstack note cards and put too many terms on one card.

  • Keep it clear, concise and straightforward.

  • Try to include images to help with clarification on the topic and terms.


Stay away from list naming cards:

  • It makes it very hard to recall 10 items at once.

  • Instead, be strategic by shortening it and be more specific in the list rather than having a broad and general notecard.


Duplication of cards:

  • This is not a bad problem because you will run into this issue when doing a test review.

  • Use this as an opportunity to get more new information on the topic that was discussed.

How to get access to Anki:

Downloading on computer or mac:

  • In this link below it will redirect you to the exact webpage you will need to download the program on your designated device.



Download on your phone or iPad:

  • Same instruction in the above click the link below and follow the provided instruction on the webpage.

  • BE AWARE on the phone devices there is a one time charge fee when purchasing the app for apple devices.



Designing Notecards:


Remember there are endless ways to set your decks up, but the most important thing is you have comprehend the material before you put them in your deck.

Ways to setup your deck

Categorize on very in-depth subjects is sometimes the best option you can you do help solidify tough topics

For example

ways to setup your deck.png
lab tehcniwuer examples.png
Carbohydrate metabolism.png
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