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Comprehensive Tutoring Program 

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Average Score Increase

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Students Helped

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Satisfaction Rate


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Sessions On Average

Flexible Schedule:

The ability to meet with your tutor online based on your availability.


Resources Included:

Daily tracking sheet, Content and Question Resources, daily personalized schedule, Test and Question tracking sheet and Student Portal.

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Affordable Prices:

Our prices are some of the most affordable tutoring prices on the market with prices as low $32 per session.

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Online Platform:

Our session are done via zoom allows for virtual face-to-face interaction, white board drawing, screen sharing, presentations and annotations.

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Passage and Question Analysis

We'll go through passages with you, showing how to process info from the passage and questions.

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We understand that one size doesn't fit all. Which we adapt the session to your learning style, pace of learning and needs.

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We come highly prepared to each session with material personalized and organized to your weaknesses in content or strategies.

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Student Portal:

Our portal makes organization easy and straight forward. It also provides a direct link to your tutor to ask questions and communicate made easily.

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Lead Tutor


Founder/Head Tutor
Angel J. Sanca

First attempt January 2020: 498
Second attempt September 2020: 520

How It Works

Step 1
Schedule a consultation call.

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Step 2
Choose your desired bundle.

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Step 3
We build your study plan.

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Step 4
We crush your test!!

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