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Self-Study Program

Crush your MCAT while minimizing the financial burden of education.


Per Month

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Program Features

Study Hall

Each week our founder/head tutor will host 4 hours of open live discussions which gives students in our program 16 hours each month of live help during their MCAT journey. 

Personalized Schedule

Our schedule is customized to each of your individual needs and is formulated via our targeted feedback system

Daily Tracking Sheet

We implement an accountability daily tracking sheet to keep us aware of the work we are putting in consistently while keeping track of our progress.

Full length and Question Review Sheets

Our tracking sheets our built to activate content reinforcement as well building critical thinking skills.

Content Resources and Questions Resources

We have compiled tons of resources and questions in all MCAT related subjects.

Community Discussion Board

In our community we believe it takes a village to be successful, which is why we elevate each other and help each other out.

Discount Tutoring

Sometimes that extra personal touch is beneficial to our education. Which is why we offer 5% off on any of your tutoring purchases needs.

How It Works

Step 1
Enroll in the program.

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Step 2
Schedule a consultation call.

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Step 3
We get you prepared for your exam.

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