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Study Method and Tips



  • Important you get a good nights rest when studying for the MCAT. This means you have to prioritize your time when studying and balancing your daily activities in life. Research has shown that having a good sleep schedule has a positive relationship to students grades.


Comfortability can be your enemy.

Switching up your studying environment

  • This is really important for concentration levels. We want to be able to perform in any situation when studying for the MCAT and taking the test.

  • This doesn't mean studying in the loudest possible areas to challenge your concentration but switch up the scenery that is generally similar to testing condition for the MCAT.

Listening to music

  • You can listen to music that you like, but remember don't pick music that is to distracting for you.

  • Some good options classical, instrumental or lo-fi beats are strong background music for studying which also helps with the tasks at hand.

  • Generally songs with lyrics can distract you so you have to be careful when playing those.

Study Techniques

Retrieval Practice

Different types:

  • Utilizing practice exams

  • Make your own questions

  • Use flashcards


Spaced Repetition

  • With this technique you need to make sure to understand the material first. This technique doesn't work if you don't understand the material.

  • Once you understand the material you want to make sometime in the following next days to revisit the information.

  • Then after one week you want to review it again.

  • After two weeks revisit the material and review again.


Feynman Technique

  • Is a strong method of learning information quickly by using simple and plain terms.

How it works:

  • Write the concept that you are studying at the top of the paper.

  • Try to explain it in your own words.

  • If you used complex word or technical language go back and rewrite these in simpler terms.


Mind Mapping

  • This technique helps with visual learners.

  • Write the word in the center of the blank page from there write major ideas and keyword and connect them directly to concept.

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